Engineering & Architecture


Different Engineering & Architecture courses. Guidefox Solutions guide you for procuring admissions for the Following courses in Engineering & Architecture segments.

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) …

Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) …

Mechanical Engineering (ME) …

Information Technology (IT) …

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) …

Civil Engineering (CE) …

Chemical Engineering (CHE) …

Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

Biotech Engineering (BTE)

Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE)

Automotive Engineering (AME)

Aerospace Engineering (ASE)

Mechatronics Engineering (MTE)

Production and Industrial Engineering (PIE)

Mining Engineering (MNE)

Petroleum Engineering (PE)

Ocean and Marine Engineering (OME)

Biomedical Engineering (BMD)

Structural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Computer Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Microelectronic Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Paper Engineering

Sustainability and Design Engineering

Systems Engineering

Geological Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Geomatics Engineering

Textile Engineering

Nanotechnology Engineering

Naval Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Motorsport Engineering