Aswathi Balamurali


Myself Aswathi Balamurali from Calicut.
The PG college application process is one of the first times you feel like you have to make a long term decision of what you wanna study and where and it is a challenging one. Due to the many options, it’s hard to sit down and choose one university. Thankfully I had Guidefox solutions that has helped me with the entire journey. Most importantly the Guidefox made sure that every deadline was met but also that I was happy and confident with my decision. I originally had a very fixed mindset on studying in some other universities. Later by understanding the courses and the distance made me to opt for Coimbatore.By investing time into my passions and my personality, my counselor really helped me find the best-fit university for me but, in particular, found an atmosphere and placed that I feel comfortable and happy in. I was able to successfully apply to my university and got accepted to my first choice and second choice universities.